Don Imus

Don Imus, a radio host on his morning show, has used words that can be considered both sexist and racist: “There’s some nappy headed hoes, right there.”

Those words went towards the Rutgers Women basketball team who just won a championship not too long ago against Tennesse. Now, people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are asking for his immediate dissmisal of his show off of MSNBC.

This can go either way, true that “freedom of speech” argument can be said about this situation, but that can only go so far. Also, there have been recent debates that if a black host made fun of white people in a racial manner, nothing would have happen to him: The Double Standard Theory. Lastly, there have been reasons that if Don Imus rioters are demanding for him to get fired, why don’t people like Rappers get the same treatment?

Should Don Imus get fired? IMO, no. Should he get punish? Yeah.

The only way this could be true is if Al Sharpton goes after rapppers who use the concept of misogynistic terms towards women. In fact, this is the type of situation where either everyone is wrong or everybody is right.

Also, where’s the apology from Jesse Jackson when he reffered to Jews as “hymies”?


TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Iran says the 15 British sailors and marines seized by Iran in the Persian Gulf have confessed to trespassing into Iranian territory, the semi-official FARS News Agency reported Saturday.

After reading multiple articles of this situation, about how british soliders were making a routine inspection on a merchant vessel, something is wrong here about them being in Iranian waters. If the british marines were some how to be in Iranian waters, wouldn’t they be release by now due to accidental purposes? I’m pretty sure the marines weren’t trying to “sneak” up on Iran, but if they were in the waters of Iran, that is however illegal to do.

I hope this don’t escalate to something that can be ended non-violently, because no one wants to start a war.

I don’t think I have to spell out the reasons that Valerie Plame CIA covert operative status leaking was due for a way to go into a war with Iraq. Under false information, we [the American people] was possibly tricked into a war that we could’ve ignored and saved countless lives of the American soliders.

“For the first time since the 2003 leak, the central figure of the resulting scandal revealed her side of events that led to the conviction this month of a former vice presidential aide.”

She told a House committee that Bush administration officials had “carelessly and recklessly” released her status as a CIA employee, which was first reported by columnist Robert Novak. –

Also, according to Tom Davis, Replubican representative of Virginia: “No process can be adopted to protect classified information that no one knows is classified, just as no one can be prosecuted for unauthorized disclosure of information that no one ever said was protected,” Davis said. “So this looks to me more like a CIA problem than a White House problem.”

Which to me, makes absolutely no sense. If your a CIA operative, isn’t it common sense that whether your on case or not that you identity stay secret no matter? Is there some sort of conspiracy corruption going on here?

This could possibly been started when Joseph Wilson – retired diplomat of the United States Foreign Service – wrote “What I Didn’t Find In Africa” in the New York Times, that showed how he never found any reason that Niger was giving out “yellowcake” – an ingredient that can be use for nuclear weapons – or Uranium to Iraq. Mr. Wilson also wrote that since the President still blamed Niger for selling uranium to Iraq could’ve been a lie to get the U.S. to fight in a war, which we are STILL fighting.

To sum it all up: Lewis “Scooter” Libby being convicted for perjury and obstruction of justice, only showed that their intentions was due to political motives.

Everything is just fucked up, man.

[Link]: Valerie Plame (Wilson) on Capital Hill

[Link]: Joseph Wilson’s “What I Didn’t Find In Africa”

A couple of days ago, I went on IGN’s site to be shock that there was a new release date for Halo 3. First, being predicted to come out somewhere in November in holiday sales, will now be set somewhere in the Fall, most notably September.

This is pretty big surprise because: (a The fact that Halo 3 isn’t gonna be sold during the holiday season like the last two is pretty strange. You’d think that Bungie/Microsoft would try to thwart the other consoles’ game, right? From what I read they are trying to take advantage in the depletion of good game from both consoles before some serious shit goes down during the holiday season. This is smart because (b It’s going to sell more units that way.

Not only is the new release date of Halo 3 is big, but so is the price of the Legendary Edition of it. The price that was previously thought to be set at 99.99 is not set on 129.99. Depending if you’re one of them hardcore gamer [I’m not] you’ll be buying this. The Legendary Edition come with the Spartan Helmet and multiple discs of behind the scenes commentary of Halo 3 and re-graphic cinema scenes of Halo: Combat Evolve and Halo 2.

[Link]: Halo 3 Legendary Edition Update

Today, the FBI has been caught illegally obtaining private information of U.S. citizens under the Patriot Act.

“The audit found that in 2004 and 2005, more than half of the targets of the national security letters were U.S. citizens.”

National Secruity Letters allows the FBI to get personal and business information about individuals — such as financial, phone, and Internet records — without court orders (without warrants rom a judge).

In doing so, has caused so many problems, that they are planning to re-advise the Act or to limit the FBI’s power. Though, I’m wondering why these same people who broken the law aren’t even going to jail. Where are the arrest @?

To be honest, I was waiting till something like this was going to happen. When you make an Act that doesn’t require a warrant to check people’s information if they are, according to the Act, in a “terroristic” situation, you might have a few flaws in it that’s been given so much power to the FBI.

Still, how can you accidentally make illegaly violations on the American citizens by asking for personal information that the FBI didn’t even need in the first place?

[Link]: FBI caught snoopin’

Hugo Chavez

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez announced that Negroponte, deputy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was a “professional killer” and believes that his enemis and the CIA are out to kill him.

Chavez said Venezuelan officials have intelligence that associates of jailed Cuban anti-communist militant Luis Posada Carriles also are involved in plotting to assassinate him.

The CIA have already been caught having hidden working ethics with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in the past. Having known before hand about the destruction of an airliner, Cubana Flight 455, which turn into 73 counts of first degree murder on October 6, 1976. Three months before flight 455 was blowned out of the sky, the CIA informed Washington about an Cuban exile extremist group planned on blowing up the airliner, but failed to even notified Cuba.

Coincendence? After over 47 years of hatred towards Cuba?

John Negroponte hasn’t developed a response to this accusation, but U.S. Embassy officials has denied that they aren’t going to kill Hugo Chavez.

This could be a lie. For awhile now, the U.S. has been wanting to oust Chavez for a long time. Remember, when Pat Robertson wanted to get Chavez assassinated? Saying that South America would be a safer place if Chavez was gone. This coming from a televangelist, so called “Christian” who himself has already got in multiple controversies.

Is Chavez hallucinating? Or, could he be in the direction of stopping another U.S. pre-planned attack?

Evidence has already proven in the past that the CIA can be in the works of this. I mean, the U.S. let Luis Posada Carriles, blow shit up in Cuba back in the day.

CNN: Hugo Chavez says “Negroponte is a professional killer”

CIA working with Luis Posada Carriles